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Thomas Lindsay

The story of Thomas Lindsay

Thomas Lindsay

Thomas Lindsay was related to Elizabeth Anderson through Jean Fulton, who was his grandmother. He was either eleven or twelve years of age, and had a reputation in the local area for begging. His confession is similar to Elizabeth Anderson’s in many ways. For example, like Elizabeth he too was said to have been introduced to the devil by Jean Fulton, who asked him to shake the devil’s cold hand. He claimed to have been present when many of the alleged crimes were committed, and provided a fantastical description of being awoken at night, and carried through the air to Matthew Park’s house where the witches were engaged in murdering Park’s child. He also admitted to the performance of supernatural feats, as well as being present when the accused plotted with the devil over the destruction of Christian Shaw.

 It was claimed that neither Elizabeth Anderson nor Thomas Lindsay were aware of the content of the other’s confession. That they corresponded so closely was proof to those who prosecuted the case that their evidence was sound. Their testimony also matched the relevant descriptions provided by Christian Shaw, while both Anderson and Lindsay were made to face the accused and charge them in person with the alleged crimes. Like Anderson, Thomas Lindsay escaped the gallows, in part due to his confession, and probably due to his young age.