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James Lindsay

The story of James Lindsay

James Lindsay

James Lindsay was the older brother of Thomas Lindsay, aged fourteen. Again, related to Elizabeth Anderson through his grandmother Jean Fulton. Like his younger brother he had a reputation in the local area as a vagabond. James, along with his brother John, and Elizabeth Anderson, provided testimony that allowed the prosecution to promote their case in court with authority. James named each of the seven accused of witchcraft, and charged them with various crimes in the local area. He admitted to being present with the others in Bargarran yard, plotting the destruction of Christian Shaw. He also gave an account of Margaret Lang’s relationship with the devil, claiming that she “gave herself up to the devil by putting one of her hands on the crown of her head and the other on the sole of her foot, and the devil said would she give all that to him and she said take it all to you.”

Like his brother he escaped execution in part due to his confession, and his relative youth. What his testimony does show, like his brother’s and Anderson’s, is that the accused were charged with far more than the bewitching of a young girl, and that a whole community, not just a laird’s family, was lined up against them.