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Paisley's Enchanted Threads



An important part of the Enchanted Threads project has involved taking the story of the Renfrewshire witch hunt into local schools. Thanks to the staff and students at Dumbatron Academy, Johnstone High, and Park Mains High, we have been able to collect the attitudes and opinions of younger people, and have been delighted by their depth of knowledge.


Dr Sue Morrison worked closely with the schools on behalf of the project, providing oral history training - essentially giving the students the skills that they needed to conduct their own interviews. The students then interviewed each other, asking some really key questions relating to the original story, and simultaneously bringing it up to date. These interviews, and a film created by Tim Mitchell of Rubikon Pictures, can be enjoyed in this section of the website.


The Society would like to pass on its grateful thanks to the staff at Dumbarton Academy, Johnstone High, and Park Mains High, for making the project feel very welcome, especially during such a busy part of the academic year. We would also like to thank all of the students who took part - they have played a significant role in contributing to the overall success of the project.