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Paisley's Enchanted Threads

Collecting Stories from the Community Relating to the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt of 1697

Paisley Local History Society is pleased to welcome you to Paisley's Enchanted Threads. This is a community project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund that has been examining modern day attitudes, opinions, and stories relating to the Renfrewshire Witch Hunt that took place in 1697. Central to the project has been the creation of a digital archive that the community, and future generations, can access. We will be announcing the details of where our archive will be deposited very soon, so do stay posted. We also are proud to have produced a number of other outcomes that help to bring the story to life.

Importantly, this unique project has given local people an opportunity to have their say on this famous story, thanks to our wonderful team of volunteer oral historians. The people of Renfrewshire have warmly welcomed and supported what we have been doing, and their voice is what has made this project such a success. We are almost at the end of our project now, and are excited at what we have all achieved together.

Welcome to Paisley's Enchanted Threads.

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