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The Victims

The Story of The Victims

The Victims

Over thirty people were suspected and accused of the crime of witchcraft throughout Renfrewshire during the first five months of 1697. In the end, it was whittled down to the seven suspects who stood trial, although a number of people remained in custody, sometimes for lengthy periods, after the eventual executions in June 1697. 

Given that the number was reduced so significantly, this does hint that the investigation was not wholly irrational, but that a relative level of logic was followed during proceedings. It is important to at least acknowledge this. The Commission went to great lengths in terms of apprehending and questioning suspects, and did not pursue charges against the majority of individuals who were caught up in the witch hunt itself.

The following are short biographical accounts of each of the seven who were eventually executed at the Gallow Green in Paisley on the 10th of June 1697, as well as a brief account of the confession and suicide of John Reid.