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Janet Roger

The story of Janet Roger

Janet Roger

Janet Roger confessed just before the trial began and, along with her sister’s testimony, strengthened the case for the prosecution immeasurably. Janet was edging beyond middle age, and her testimony corroborated many of the key points raised by the Lindsay brothers and Elizabeth Anderson a few months earlier. She claimed that she was introduced to the devil by Agnes Naismith, Margaret Fulton and Margaret Lang, with the promise that “she should never want” if she agreed to serve him. Typically, the devil made her place one hand on her head, and the other on the sole of her foot, and promise him that everything in between would be his.

Janet admitted to being present with the devil and all of the witches except Katherine Campbell and John Lindsay in Barloch as they plotted to pull down Bargarran House. She also admitted to being present when the witches overturned the ferry. She was able to confess as she refused to eat the piece of unchristened liver that the devil offered her. Janet Roger escaped the gallows by repenting in front of her congregation. The prosecution would have been pleased with her confession.