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Paisley's Enchanted Threads



When asking people about their memories and opinions connected to the stories surrounding the Renfrewshire witch hunt of 1697, witches and witch belief have been a common theme. The following clips are a selection of the stories and memories that local people have shared with us.

Paisley witches

Flora Collie remembers finding out about the story, and how it was told to her when she was younger

Memories and thoughts on the witches

Lorri McReady shares some early memories on some of the witches, and talks about the curse that they laid on Paisley

Witches as healers

Sheila McLachlan shares a memory from her childhood, when her mother would practice home medicine, and relates her memories to much older associations with witchcraft.

Witches as outsiders

Betty McKellar thinks about the story of those who were condemned as witches in 1697, and how it can be used as an instructive lesson for today