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Paisley's Enchanted Threads

Local legends

Local legends

The story of the 1697 witch hunt has left us with so many legends, and we have been delighted and honoured to gather them while we have been engaged in our project. The following audio clips are a selection of what we have heard so far.

Local poet Betty McKellar kindly recited one of her poems titled "Tree in the sweet damp cool" for us during an interview. It is based upon the legend of the stick that was used to push one of the witches' legs back into the fire. We are honoured to be able to share this recital with you.

The curse and the Paisley

Kevin Cantwell remembers a story about the lifting of the horseshoe, and relates this to the old warnings about the witches' curse

Removing the horseshoe

Gerry Hoy talks about what he has heard about the horseshoe and some of the stories associated with its removal

The witches' curse

Lorri McAuley gives her opinion on how the witches must have felt, and why some of them may have thrown down a curse on those who condemned them

Thoughts on the horseshoe

Lisa Main talks about her connection with the horseshoe in Paisley, and how special it, and the story of 1697, is to her