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Christian Shaw

Christian Shaw

One of the most enduring personalities from the story of the 1697 Renfrewshire witch hunt is Christian Shaw, the eleven year old girl who accused many local people of bewitching her. She is a figure who divides local opinion. Here are a selection of opinions from people we have had the pleasure of speaking with so far.

Was Christian Shaw fully aware of her actions?

Lizzie MaClean gives her opinion of Christian Shaw based upon what she has heard and read about the story of 1697

What did Christian Shaw look like?

Pat Bonar tells us of the image that he has of Christian Shaw when he tries to visualise what she may have looked like.

Christian Shaw and the story of 1697

Suzy Bain talks about the potential motives of Christian Shaw, and how aware she would have been of her actions and accusations

Brief thought on Christian Shaw

Dale Greg gives her opinion on Christian Shaw, relating how things may have got out of hand.